Author Guidelines




  • Type-written Manuscripts in MS Word (.doc) format should be submitted to
  • Manuscripts will be published in the Journal after a review by the Subject Matter Experts
  • Papers will be published both in the print and online version
  • All submitted articles will go under a review process by 2 reviewers which may take at least 15-20 days. If the paper is accepted  with revision , the researcher has to apply all points suggested  by the reviewers. Then, corrected paper will be viewed by the editor again to be acceptable for publication which will take at least again 15-20 working days,)


  • Papers should be typed in MS Word (.doc format) Times New Roman Font.
  • Paper should be formatted in 1.5 Line Spacing.
  • List of Keywords should be given in Alphabetical Ascending Order.


Mode of Payments:

1. Payment options for Indian Authors:

You can choose anyone of the following option for payment

  • Authors can directly pay to our bank account which is mentioned in our acceptance mail.
  • Through net banking, you can transfer amount to our specified account number in our acceptance mail.
  • Online payment thru Credit Card/ Debit Card/Net Banking

2. Payment options for Foreign Authors:

You can choose anyone of the following option for payment

  • Authors can directly pay to our bank account which is mentioned in our acceptance mail.
  • Foreign authors can pay the amount through Western Union Money transfer/ Money Gram/ Express Money/ Paypal etc.
  • Online payment thru Credit Card/ Debit Card

 if you have any problem with currencies, country and transfer method, feel free to contact us. We will assist you.

  • Title of Paper should be in 12 Points and Bold in Times New Roman
  • Headings: 11 Points
  • Author Name and Affiliation should be in 10 Points and Bold
  • Text of the Manuscript: 11 Points
  • Length of paper is limited to 10  Pages.
  • There can be a Maximum of Five Authors per paper
  • Page Margins should be as follows - Top Margin 1.2 inches, Bottom Margin 0.6 inch, Left Margin 0.8 inch, Right Margin 0.6 inch
  • List of References must be present. Papers without references will not be reviewed



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  • Paper must accompany the Copyright Transfer Form (Duly Signed by all the Authors and Scanned) by E-mail to

    Parallel Submission: Paper(s) once submitted to us should NOT be submitted in parallel to other companies to avoid confusion that would arise out of duplicate publication. If it is done, it will be at the risk of the authors who is submitting the manuscript and we as a publisher will not take any responsibility.


    Plagiarism : We are calling for Original research papers ONLY for publication. We assume that there won't be any plagiarism related issues (having full trust on the authors) from the papers submitted by authors. This includes self plagiarism, the manuscript content should not be submitted/stored in any URL/Database/Website before submitting to us for publication.


    If plagiarism is found during the course of publication process, the corresponding author will be notified along with plagiarism report. This plagiarism check / validation will be done for 2 times free of cost. Authors must use this opportunity to eradicate the plagiarism issues. From 3rd time onwards, it will be charged as ?500(For Indian authors) / $15 (for Foreign authors) per plagiarism check / validation. Once cleared, the article will be processed further.


    Publication in 3rd party / collaborative journals : It is the responsibility of the authors of the manuscript who are submitting the paper, to validate and verify the authenticity and indexing of the 3rd party/collaborative journals before submission.


    Note 1: As a publisher, we are responsible for the process of publication ONLY.


    Note 2: Indexing is under the purview of the Indexing Database Organization / Agency (For example: Scopus or Thomson Reuter's WOS) and not influenced by the journal or publisher. Indexing takes place as per the guidelines and timeframe of the   Indexing Database Organization / Agency . If, after the completion of publication and indexing, the paper is removed by the   Indexing Database Organization / Agency   , the responsibility lies solely with the Indexing Organization. IASET journals does not have any liability due to lack of indexing.


    Note 3: DOIs/certificates are publisher specific and all the publishers need not provide DOIs/certificates


    Note 4: Publication of papers/articles in journals are dependent on several external factors. Due to this the time taken for publication may be shortened or extended. IASET Journals cannot be held liable for change in duration due to external factors. If external factors result in the cancellation of publication, the APC will be refunded.


    Note 5 : The final version of the paper is to be sent with or before the article processing charges are paid. Changes to the paper cannot be made after the paper is published. Requests to do so cannot be accommodated. The paper cannot be withdrawn from the respective journal, and refund of the APC is not possible under any circumstances after the paper is published.