Java Projects

Diploma CSE and IT Project Java Titles


1. Network monitoring

2. Complete redundancy removal for packet classifies using TCAMS

3. Performance evaluation of video streaming over multihop wireless local area network

4. Opportunistic routing in multi radio multichannel multihop network

5. Layer approach using conditional random field for intrusion detection

6. Energy sufficient opportunistic routing in wireless sensor network

7. Integration of false data detection with data aggregation and confidential transmission in wireless sensor network

8. Flower image retrieval method based on ROI feature

9. MABS: Multicast authentication based on batch signature

10. Online Shopping Center

11. Double Guard: Insurance Policy Applications

12. Credit Rating for Bank Customers

13. Effectively indexing and mining multidimensional space

14. Search engine personalization and develop concept- based user profiles

15. A Business model for Innovative E-Health Application

16. Blog community monitoring & evaluation

17. Infectious disease Informatics and outbreak detection

18. Web Help Desk Software Using iHelp

19. Online bookshop based on web service

20. Online Government Application

21. iHelp : Online Helpdesk System

22. Cross-Reference Re ranking

23. Clustering uncertain data from online shopping

24. Movie reviews BlogSpot

25. Point of sale management system

26. Web based rental management system

27. Efficient Student Portal management System

28. Web based Student Staff Interaction system

29. Training and placement system

30. Virtual classroom system

31. Web based healthcare system

32. Web based income tax calculation

33. Electronic Notice Board For Professional College

34. Detection of routing misbehavior in MANET

35. A distributed control law of load balancing in content delivery network

36. Secure cloud backup system with assured deletion and version control

37. Towards reliable data delivery for highly dynamic mobile ad hoc network

38. Nymble: blocking misbehaving users in anonymizing networks

39. Minimizing delay and maximizing lifetime for wireless sensor networks with anycast

40. Energy-efficient cooperative video distribution with statistical qos provisions over wireless networks

41. Online modeling of proactive moderation system for auction fraud detection

42. Modeling and detection of camouflaging worm

43. Protecting location privacy in sensor networks against a global eavesdropper

44. Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images based on Image Fusion and Fuzzy Clustering

45. Discovering Emerging Topics in Social Streams via Link-Anomaly Detection

46. A System For Denial-Of-Service Attack Detection Using KDD Cup 99 Data Set

47. Joint Data-hiding and Compression Scheme using SMVQ and PDE-based Image In painting

48. Placing Virtual Machines to Optimize Gamer Satisfaction and Provider Net Profit

49. Secure Data Sharing in a Multi-User Collaborative Cloud Applications

50. Analysis Of Field Data On Web Security Vulnerabilities

51. Easy SMS: A Protocol for End-to-End Secure Transmission of SMS

52. Verifying Keys through Publicity and Communities of Trust: Quantifying Off-Axis Corroboration

53. Stock in Management System

54. Human Resource Management System

55. Medicare And Medicate Management System

56. Alumni of student Information Database Management System

57. Web Based On E-Learning

58. Online deliberation Management System

59. Text To Speech Converter

60. Prisoner Face detecting System

61. HI –FI Infirmary Portal

62. Private Banking Network

63. Harmful Mail Scanning

64. Net Banking

65. Airline Ticket Reservation Through Mobile Using J2me

66. ATM Simulator System Automated Teller Machine ATM Banking System

67. Telecom Management System

68. Network Banking System

69. Online Magazine

70. Energy Billing System

71. Job Portal

72. Travel Bill Tracking System

73. Chat server

74. Health care management system

75. Repository and Search Engine for Alumni College System

76. Face Identification System Engineering

77. Customer Relation Support System

78. Network File Sharing System

79. School Health Program System

80. Intranet Mailing System

81. Data Encryption System

82. Enterprise Email System

83. Web Email Based Search Engine

84. Web Wizard System

85. EPooling

86. Blood Bank Maintenance System

87. Spam Filter

88. Steganography

89. Multi-Purpose Java Instant Messaging Tool Engineering

90. Hospital Management System

91. Election Commission

92. Air Line Reservation System

93. Bus Booking System

94. Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography

95. College Enrollment System

96. Content-Based Image Retrieval

97. Credit Card Approval System

98. Cubical Management System

99. Online Book Shopping System

100. E-Mail Recovered Password System

101. Employee Information and Payroll Management System

102. Employee Tracking System

103. Enterprise Accounting Management System

104. Equipment Maintenance System Main

105. Online Book Store System Java Major Project

106. E-Transaction

107. Insurance Policy Software Management

108. Inventory Management System

109. College Library Management System

110. School Library Record System

111. Login Authentication with Smart Card Network Security

112. Magazine Management System

113. Medical Diagnostic System

114. Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal

115. Monitoring Web Application

116. Multi Level Marketing System

117. Network Banking System

118. Network Monitor System

119. Online Medical Conference System

120. Online Net Banking System

121. Online Tele Network System

122. Online Year Book System

123. Online Year Book with SMS System

124. Online Book Store

125. Railway Ticker System

126. Similarity Measures for Histogram Based Image Retrieval

127. Group Communication software

128. Cryptosystems using RSA and DES Encryption

129. Image Stegnography

130. Video Stegnography

131. Multi User Chat System

132. Proposed Key Generation for Multimedia Application

133. Social Networking (Standalone Orkut)

134. Image Enhancement Technology