IEEE Android


1.Android security: a survey of issues, malware penetration, and defenses

2.An insight into the security issues and their solutions for android phones

3.Implementation and analysis of pluggable android applications

4.An event-driven university campus navigation system on android platform

5.A smart android based remote monitoring system

6.Security testing for android mhealth apps

7.Android phone controlled voice, gesture and touch screen operated smart wheelchair

8.Detecting and tracing leaked private phone number data in android smartphones

9.Evaluation of human activity recognition and fall detection using android phone

10.Occupancy detection via ibeacon on android devices for smart building management

11.Malware detection in android by network traffic analysis

12.An android based secure access control using arm and cloud computing

13.Smartphone-based wound assessment system for patients with diabetes

14.Smartphone irrigation sensor

15.Using smartglasses for utility-meter reading

16.User interaction and cloud practices in mobile dairy farm management

17.Mobile application for automatic accident detection and multimodal alert

18.Indoor mobile navigation software for blind people

19.Augmented reality applied in tourism mobile applications

20.A smartphone-enhanced pill-dispenser providing patient identification and in-take recognition

21.Mobraille: mobile framework for visually impaired users

22.Agro advisory system for cotton crop

23.The design of a smartphone-based fall detection system

24.Nfc for pervasive healthcare monitoring

25.Touch screen based ordering system & displaying system for restaurantsv

26.Camera based attack detection and prevention tech-niques on android mobile phones

27.Android application to locate and track mobile phones(aaltm)- an implementation of location-based services

28.Drip irrigation system using embedded systems: an initiative of saving water

29. The android application for sending sms in regional languages

30. Camera based attack detection and prevention techniques on android mobile phones

31. Touch screen based ordering system & displaying system for restaurants

32.Friendbook A Semantic-Based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks

33.Aggregated-Proof Based Hierarchical Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Things

34.Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols for Parallel Network File Systems

35.Decentralized Computation Offloading Game for Mobile Cloud Computing

36.A Profit Maximization Scheme with Guaranteed Quality of Service in Cloud Computing

37.A Scalable and Reliable Matching Service for Content-Based Publish Subscribe Systems

38.Enabling Efficient Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Mobile Cloud Data Through Blind Storage

39.Enabling Fine-grained Multi-keyword Search Supporting Classified Sub-dictionaries over Encrypted Cloud Data

40.Governance Model for Cloud Computing in Building Information Management

41.Identity-Based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation in Cloud Computing

42.Performing Initiative Data Prefetching in Distributed File Systems for Cloud Computing

43.Proof of ownership in deduplicated cloud storage with mobile device efficiency

44.Public Integrity Auditing for Shared Dynamic Cloud Data with Group User Revocation

45.Shared Authority Based Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing

46.Automatic Web Service Composition Based on Uncertainty Execution Effects

47.Constructing a Global Social Service Network for Better Quality of Web Service Discovery

48.Data-Driven Composition for Service-Oriented Situational Web Applications

49.Designing High Performance Web-Based Computing Services to Promote Telemedicine Database Management System

50.Diversifying Web Service Recommendation Results via Exploring Service Usage History

51.Constructing Query-Driven Dynamic Machine Learning Model With Application to Protein-Ligand Binding Sites Prediction

52.Improving Web Navigation Usability by Comparing Actual and Anticipated Usage

53.Network-Based Modeling and Intelligent Data Mining of Social Media for Improving Care

54.Quality of Experience User's Perception about Web Services

55.Real-Time Detection of Traffic From Twitter Stream Analysis