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It is of great pleasure to inform you that IASET ( is publishing various National & International Journals in Engineering & Technology, Arts, Science, Humanities, Health & Medical Sciences. Technical Research Papers and Manuscripts are solicited from Private and Government Research Agencies, Professors, Lecturers, Academicians, Research Scholars of various educational institutions, colleges, universities etc.,
IASET is a self supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the journal is solely financed by the processing fees received from authors. Processing fees is required to meet the operational expenses.

 For International NAAS rated Journals:

Issue: Jan-Jun 2023
Submission Deadline:   01 Feb
, 2023
Publication Date:  in 6 Days 
Print Publication date: Every 6 months 

Expected Date of Online Publication:  ****


**** Kindly note that online publication will be done within 6 working days from the date of submitting the Copyright form, Paper in the MS Word version and fees

Authors will receive hard copies of full paper, individual print certificates and digital certificates,  Submit Manuscript
For Web of Science/ESCI Journal Publications:

Publication Date:  As per the journal selection duration differs

Expected Date of Online Publication:  ****


Review Process:

The review process is double-blinded; that is, the reviewer does not know who the manuscript author(s) is and the author(s) does not know who has reviewed the manuscript. If there is any correction in the manuscript, then IASET's review members will correct the same with an approval from the board. Corrections / Edited manuscripts will not be disclosed to the Manuscript authors for want of time. That is, Galley Proofs will not be sent to the Primary / Communicating author. Once the publication process is over, copies of online and print versions of respective journals will be sent to the Primary / Communicating author's address.

The Chief Editor of IASET has the authority and reserves the right to reject any manuscript submitted under any of the company’s journals listed in the website (, because of inappropriateness of its subject content, lack of quality, incorrectness of its results & recommendations, inaccuracies in the experimentation etc., The final conclusion on publication is made by the Chief Editor upon recommendation of Editorial Board members. Nevertheless,  Chief Editor's decision is final with respect to the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript for all the journal publications, assignment of paper to a journal, journal management w.r.t their categories, names, disciplines etc.,

If an article meets the preliminary requirements, the article will be processed for review, which could take up to 1- 2 weeks. All articles are peer reviewed.
The criteria used for reviewing articles are:
  • contemporary relevance,
  • contribution to knowledge,
  • originality,
  • experimental studies and analysis, if applicable 
  • clarity and logic in analysis,
  • methodology (for research articles),
  • implications for intervention,
  • appropriateness of references, and
  • language, its use and flow
Changes in the papers: No changes in paper will be accepted once the decision of acceptance is announced thru email to the communicating / corresponding author. So authors are requested to make all the corrections well prior to the decision of acceptance for paper publication announced to the authors / scholars.

How to publish research papers and manuscripts?


There are two easy ways to publish research papers and manuscripts in IASET( :


1. You can upload your paper / manuscript in the website by clicking on the menu item "Submit Manuscript" in the  website  -

2. To publish by e-mail, send an email with your paper as an attachment to


For more details, please contact:

The Director - Publication,

Email id:

 Article Tracking: +91 - 44 - 6749 7605

Mobile/Whatsapp: +91 9677010334 / +91 93449 18069 

We prefer to have your paper / manuscript / articles sent thru online submission.