IEEE Embedded

IEEE Embedded System Titles


1. Coexistence of ZigBee-Based WBAN and Wi-Fi for Health Telemonitoring Systems

2. A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer based on ZigBee-based Communication

3. Configurable ZigBee-based control system for people with multiple disabilities in smart homes

4. ZigBee network system for observing operating activities of work vehicles

5. Interference-Mitigated ZigBee-Based Advanced Metering Infrastructure

6. A Mobile ZigBee Module in a Traffic Control System

7. Energy Efficient Outdoor Light Monitoring and Control Architecture Using Embedded System

8. Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring

9. Energy-Efficient Intelligent Street Lighting System Using Traffic-Adaptive Control

10. Development of a distributed disaster data and human life sign probe system

11. Design and implementation of a home automation system for smart grid applications

12. Milk products monitoring system with arm processor for early detection of microbial activity

13. Microgrid demonstration gateway for players communication and load monitoring and management

14. WiFACT -- Wireless Fingerprinting Automated Continuous Training

15. Lightweight Mashup Middleware for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Control Automation

16. A smart wearable system for sudden infant death syndrome monitoring

17. Exoskeleton robots for upper-limb rehabilitation

18. Wearable Camera- and Accelerometer-Based Fall Detection on Portable Devices

19. Innovation in Underwater Robots: Biologically Inspired Swimming Snake Robots

20. GPS based autonomous vehicle navigation and control system

21. Real-Time Driving Monitor System: Combined Cloud Database with GPS

22. AgriSys: A smart and ubiquitous controlled-environment agriculture system

23. Building Smart Cities Applications using IoT and

24. An IoT-based system for collision detection on guardrails

25. A vision-based teleoperation method for a robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom

26. Gesture control of drone using a motion controller

27. Development of the Mobile Robot with a Robot Arm

28. Milk products monitoring system with arm processor for early detection of microbial activity

29. Controller Area Network Assisted Grid Synchronization of a Microgrid With Renewable Energy Sources and Storage

30. A Real-Time Embedded System for Monitoring of Cargo Vehicles, Using Controller Area Network (CAN)

31. Wireless biosensing network for drivers' health monitoring

32. Android4Auto: A proposal for integration of Android in vehicle infotainment systems

33. A pulse measurement and data management system based on Arduino platform and Android device

34. Remote control and instrumentation of Android devices

35. “AUTOBOOK” The Messaging Machines (Using GSM and Arduino)

36. Tracking and Theft Prevention System for Two Wheeler Using GSM and GPS

37. Bank Locker Security System Using RFID and GSM Technology

38. Design of Entrapment Escalation using GSM for Elevators

39. Distribution Line Fault Detection & GSM Module Based Fault Signaling System

40. GSM & PIR Based Advanced Antitheft Security System

41. LPG Gas Weight andLeakage Detection System Using GSM

42. Android Based Women Tracking SystemUsingGPS and GSM

43. Trespass Prevention System Using IOT

44. Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection andRescue System

45. Design andImplementation of Integrated Mobile Operated Remote Vehicle

46. A Wearable Device for Continuous Detection and Screening of Epilepsy during Daily Life

47. Review of Automatic Detectionand controlof Diseasefor Grape Field

48. Environmental Condition Monitoring System for the Industries

49. Security Management Access Control System

50. Design and Development of Embedded based System for Monitoring Industrial and Environmental Parameters for Analyzingthe Health of Human beings

51. Visual Surveillance Using Absolute Difference Motion Detection System

52. Automatic Irrigation System Using Internet ofThings

53. Design ofEmbedded Irrigation System byUsingWSN

54. Vehicle Accident Prevention Using Assistant Braking System

55. Smart Transport Database Management System

56. Accident Alert Using ZIGBEEand GPS

57. Controlling the Home Appliances Remotely Through Web Application Using ZIGBEE

58. An optimized solar traffic control and alert system using wireless sensor networks

59. Biometric Recognition Technique forATM System

60. Light Weight Access Control System for Constrained IOT Devices

61. Design ofPrototype ModelforHome Automation Using Wireless Sensor Networks

62. Automated Sensor Network ForMonitoring andDetection ofImpurityInDrinking Water System

63. Automated Smart Trolley with Smart Billing Using Arduino

64. Embedded Automatic Vehicle Control System Using Voice Recognition On ARM7 Processor

65. Embedded Voice Controlled Computer For Visually Impaired andPhysically Disabled People Using Arm Processor

66. Implementation of Embedded Web Server Using TCP/IP Protocol with Raspberry PI

67. Designing of Cleaning Robot

68. An Analysis ofNetwork-Based Control System Using Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol

69. Identify the Deterioration in Pipe by Using Wheel Operated Robot

70. RFID-G Based Navigation System For Visually Impaired To Work at Industry

71. New Generation ATM Terminal Services

72. A Wireless Sensor Interface for the Quantification of Tremor Using Off the Shelf Components

73. Design and Implementation of Low-Cost SMS Based Monitoring System of Distribution Transformers

74. An Integrated Cloud-Based Smart Home Management System with Community Hierarchy

75. Home Outlet and LED Array Lamp Controlled by a Smartphone with a Hand Gesture Recognition

76. Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring

77. Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GSM/GPS Technologies

78. The Design of Building Fire Monitoring System Based on ZigBee-WiFi Networks