Internship & Implant Training


What is internship?

• To know where and how to start from theoretical to practical.

• Internship is your first working experience in an office atmosphere.

• Shape yourself as a responsible person in your employment life.

• To use the latest software in person with confidence.

• Become familiar with trained and experienced professional.

• Learn office working culture, attitude and behaviour.

• Remove your shy and fear to increase confidence level.

• Increase your Language ability and perfect attention.

• A first step to prepare your own growth and our national growth.

• Be a hands on experienced person from Internship.

Why internship is required?

• Be a comfortable person to enter in the job market.

• To face interview confidently with product knowledge.

• Learn to interact with your future office colleagues.

• Generate self-motivation and motivate your colleagues too.

• Brave to face competition with problem solving skills.

• Open your creative vision to build leadership quality.

• To improve your personality to be a proud professional.

• Plan in advance to clear the barriers to move the task ahead.

• Prepare to think big, Analyse bigger and achieve the best.

• Be a creative person to be an entrepreneur or an employee.


Inplant training

Inplant training is really important to gain knowledge of real time technologies and to get job. Kaashiv Infotech Inplant Trainnig focus towards latest job oriented technologies and improve interview related aspects. The breadth of Computer Science and Engineering may be best understood in terms of the general areas of software systems, hardware, theory and applicatios. Now a days it has been significant improvement in the usability and efficiency of computing technology.

Why IPT ?


In the year 2009, when recession was at its peak, there were one group of students, who remained unaffected from the sting of job firings. When others were getting fired, they were getting hired. What made them so unique in the eyes of their employer, were the IPT experiences they were exposed to during their college days. Inplant training equips the student with the right knowledge of the best practices in industries. The survivability of these students, in MNCs, is more than the others, who enter MNCs directly after their studies.


Why IPT is important ?


• InPlant Training provides a real time exposure to engineering graduates.

• To transform students theoretical knowledge to a practical approach.

• To equip them with the practical implementations of the theories they have learnt.

• Able to understand the difference between the theoretical and practical approach.

• Industries are recruiting a practical knowledge students rather than bookworms.

• IPTs serve as an advantage during job recruitments.

• Soon, it will be mandatory to have an IPT certificate during the placements.

• It is the best and easiest way to impress the interviewer.