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International Journal of General Medicine and Pharmacy (IJGMP) ;   ISSN(Print): 2319-3999;   ISSN(Online): 2319-4006 ;  Impact Factor(JCC): 4.2983;   NAAS Rating : 3.99 ;  ICV : 55.75 ;

Archive Files

Sl No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1. Jan-31 2017 6-1 Nan medicine – The Futuristic Medicine Abstract

Mohammad Bajwa

2. Mar-31 2017 6-2 Professional Nurses’ Views on the Use of the Nursing Process at the 37 Military Hospital, Accra Abstract

Kwadwo Ameyaw Korsah, Joana Agyeman-Yeboah & Jane Okrah

3. Mar-31 2017 6-2 Correlation between Vertebral Column Length and Spread of Isobaric Subarachnoid Ropivacaine in the Term Parturient Abstract

Basharat Ahad, Saba Moosaraza, Khalid Sofi & Ajaz Ahmed Rather

4. May-31 2017 6-3 Smart Diabetic Assessment System for Diabetic Retinopathy Using Retinal Image Examination Abstract

P. R. Patel & D. J. Shah

5. Jul-31 2017 6-4 A Study on Aerobic Bacterial Isolates from Patients Suffering from Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infection Abstract

D.Manasa Sireesha et al.,

6. Jul-31 2017 6-4 Impact of Indian Classical Bharatnatyam Dancing in Terms of Novel Anthropometric Markers of Cardio-Vascular Health Status: A Study in Bengalee Adult Females Abstract

Shankarashis Mukherjee et al.,

7. Jul-31 2017 6-4 Exploring the Role of Phytochemicals and Antioxidants on Antihyperglycemic Potentials of Indian Medicinal Plants Abstract

Mohini Mendiratta & Sarika Gupta

8. Jul-31 2017 6-4 A Community based Self Care Approach in the Management of Low Back Pain Abstract

S. Anandh, R. Raja, Jayaprakash, Prashantha S & Veena J

9. Sep-30 2017 6-5 Willingness to Pay for Management of Hypertension among Patients in a Southwestern City of Nigeria Abstract

Abodunrin O. L et al.,

10. Sep-30 2017 6-5 Continuing Education and Skill Improvement: How Involved are the Health Professionals in Primary Health Care in Southwestern Nigeria Abstract

Abodunrin O.L, Oke O & Adeomi A. A

11. Sep-30 2017 6-5 Evaluation of Clinical Profile of Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Abstract

Ravi Chethan Kumar. A. N & Harshavardhan. L

12. Sep-30 2017 6-5 Correlation between MMP-1 Responses and Epithelialization of Acute Staphylococcus Aureus Infected Wounds Treated by Coffee Powder, Saline Gauze, and Hydrocolloid Abstract

Winata Aa, Yuwono HS & Hapsari P

13. Sep-30 2017 6-5 Policy Prospective, Service Provision and Gap in Maternal Health in Nepal Abstract

Hari Prasad Kaphle, Neena Gupta, Naveen Shrestha, Anupriya Paul & Arvind Dayal

14. Sep-30 2017 6-5 A Study to Compare the Effect of Motor Dual Task Training and Cognitive Dual Task Training and Combination of Both on Gait in Subjects with Sub - Acute Stroke - A Randomized Controlled Trial Abstract

Anusha Ghimire, R. Raja & Chandrika

15. Sep-30 2017 6-5 Evaluation of Selected Medicinal Herbs for Antidiabetic Activity Via Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibition Abstract

Patience Obih et al.,


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